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Telephone: 86-755-27926489

Mobile Phone (Walter Lam): 86-13510002598

WhatsApp:                  86-13510002598

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Fax:                       86-755-27929722

Address: 1 Industrial Park, Longxing Vallage, Junlong Community, Guanlan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Our Distributor and Partner Locations:

Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

Miami, Florida

Cleveland, Ohio

San Diego, CA

Warren, Ohio

Brooklyn, New York

Charlotte, North Carolina

Ontario, Canada

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Monterrey, Mexico

Lima, Peru

Johannesburg,  South Africa

Santo Domingo,  Dominican Republic

Sabah. Malaysia

Moscow, Russia

Shenzhen Victory Lighting Co.,Ltd